Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Basic Motions for Lead Guitar

If you ever hear or see Yngwie Malmsteen play techniques like speed picking, speed legato, or sweeping arpeggio. Or ever see Paul Gilbert plays very fast legato. They play it very clean, precission, without felt stiff , even impressed easy going. After see it you surely will think, how he can do it?
The first step that must you knowing are you must control basic motions before.
After control elementary movement, you will be easier to develop your ability for more difficult technique. Most beginner often disregard this part, most of they wish immediately control difficult technique, nevertheless forget to train elementary movement truly, as a consequence they found resistance when will study other technique. One point that must remembered that in learning primary matter is process, and all of that must start with systematic, even require much times. Also in studying lead guitar technique that consist of quite difficult technique. Required patience to be able to control it, because we will start systematically from easiest till the most difficult.

There are two basic motions, that is for right hand and left hand.

For Right Hand.
Right hand haves function to pluck every strings . Every guitarist have different hold pick position. Nevertheless, in general, pick are held between thumb and the index finger. When pluck strings makes movement as minimum as possible, this will good for when we play speed picking, don't make movement too far. There are three ways for alternate picking. :

1. Movement by nudge - This Way inadvisable because require sufficient muscle adjustment.

2. Movement by wrist hand- its very suited for speed picking technique, because we exploit wrist pliability to pluck, this make more efficient.

3. Movement by finger- its only uses thumb and the index finger movement. This method suited for legato technique.

For Left Hand

Left hand haves function to play every note that played above fretboard. There are two positions when you grasp neck . First, p grasps neck position with thumb reside in neck back, this position good for creates wide finger range, more than anything else when play a part legato. Second, grasps neck position with thumb hooked over the top, this position good for gave strength when conduct strings bending. When play note or legato, don't lift finger too high, keep distance between finger and fretboard, because if you lifted finger too far, it would be eat time and get into the habit that will pursue for ability development up at speed technique. Its caused by when you play speed picking, you require efficient finger movement to play note with fast duration

After find basic motions position that correctness, you can continue to next lesson------> Alternate Picking.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alternate Picking-Single String Picking ( Basic )

In playing a part solo or part lead in, absolute for a guitarist controls alternate picking. Alternate picking is blow technique or passage at string by using tool, so-called pick or

plectrum. This Technique is conducted with method "up and down", that is pluck string upwards
and downwards and simultaneous for every note. Aletrnate Picking is important for controlled because can be 90% this technique is used in playing lead guitar. This Technique is
must trained with often to accustom it, because for beginners this technique rather
difficult to controlled more than anything else if played with quick tempo, nevertheless
this is elementary from guitar technique and must controlled at ease in all level speed either slow or quick. To control alternate picking, first we must train it in single string type , this practice good for accustoms your hand to be able to play in one string at ease and easy going, until later will help control alternate picking that entangle some strings also or in cross strings picking type.

Matter that must paid attention in alternate picking:
For right hand :
1. Hold pick with thumb and forefinger and most balmiest position searching in holding pick.
2. Make constant distance between pick and string.
3. Make minimum movement. Don't make movement too far because will eat time, and this very bothered when play speed picking.

For left hand :
1. Applied principle one note one finger, every finger must play different note.
2. When finger movement don't lift finger too high and too far.

n=Down stroke v= Up stroke

T=thumb 1= forefinger 2= middle finger 3=ring finger 4=little finger

Single String Ex A
For right hand.
(Click for zoom)

(Click for zoom)

(Click for zoom)

Single String ExB
For synchronization ( right and left )

Ex4 - A minor Harmonic.
(Click for zoom)

Ex5- Chromatic Scale
(Click for zoom)

-Repeat on strings 2,3,4,5,6.
-Try make "single strings picking" your own version.
-Always use metronome
-With slow tempo between 80-90 bpm, concentration at make clean tone till there is no mistake, last boost up tempo slowly and stageable.
-After reach maximal tempo where you can't reach for it, degraded tempo slowly and stageable till finally at level when you start practice.

After you really control single string picking, then you can continue to next practice:"Cross string picking". This Lesson will be discussed in separate post .

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alternate Picking- Cross Strings Picking ( Basic )

After comprehend and succeed control single string at ease at any given strings, when its we continue to next practice type . This is second phase from alternate picking elementary technique which its important for controlled because its basic for develop next technique that more difficult. Cross strings picking is technique that consist of lick that played at two different strings or more, or play formation note at two strings or more. There are two direction types in the form of cross strings picking, that is inside picking and outside picking.

Picture 1 - Inside Picking.
At this point you pluck an
d play note inside between two strings.

Picture 2- Outside Pickings.
At this point you pl
uck and play note outside between two strings.

After you understanding let's continue to practice.

n= down stroke v=up stroke
T=thumb 1=forefinger 2=midd
le finger 3=ring finger 4=little finger

(click for actual size)
Repeat on descending mode

(click for actual size)
Repeat on descending mode

(click for actual size)
Repeat on descending mode

(click for actual size)

After you understand and fluent control four kinds of pra
ctice type above, try to combine become a lick.

Variation example for cross strings picking. You might be try it for practice.

Ex5- From "No Boundaries" by Michael Angelo Batio in Speed Kills

(click for actual size)

Ex6= From "As I Am" solo guitar by John Petruccci ( Dream Theater ).
( Ending solo guitar part )

(click for actual size)

After succeed control two basic technique phases ( tunggal strings & cross strings ) properly, that means you have passed a very heavy test. Most beginners usually disregard it, though its early stage that must passed with maximal result, because will help in developing other technique. Must remembered that Virtuoso Guitarists like Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci still trains it as the mode of to care of their ability quality.

For next lessons, we will discuss the usage of alternate picking in a few category like scale, pattern , and apply it on solo guitar .
All will discussed in separate post

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